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Henry Thornton, No. 81

Updated: Apr 21

Paul Monk speaks today. An enterprising offering.

'With two serious wars under way and an alignment of dictators and terrorists threatening them, the liberal democracies now need to re-examine the foundations of world order, and act in such a manner as to give a new order its bast chance of arising.'

'We stand on the brink of World War III, in a world with nine or ten nuclear-armed states a deeply dysfunctional United Nations and a colition of dictatorships that are looking increasingly aggresive. When Vladimir Putin Ukraine last year, he did not catch Washington by surprise. But he did suprise almost all the rest of us, even Volodymyr Zelensky.'

'When Hamus launched its atrocious on Israeli's formidable intelligence agencies were caught by surprice. ... 'Now as Israel hammers Hamus in retaliation, escalation to a wider war in the Middle East is distinctly seems distinctly possible'.

'We now need, now, to imagine and think through the newt evolutional step - or face on a breakdown of order, peace and prosperityon a gigantic scale. The next step will, of necessity, entail coming to grips with the logic of geopolitic competition in an "end to history" world, ...

'Such thinking was done after the Thirty Wears War, after the Napoleonic War, after the First World War, after the Second World War. This time it needs to be done before the Third the Third World War and without the assumptions of agreement with the dictatorship.' ...

'Nor will conflicting interests among the liberal democracies by trivial. The precdent for such a conference of the endangered liberal estates in July 1944 Bretton Woods, in which the United States and the United Kingdom wrestled over the transformation into the Pax Americana.


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