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Henry Thornton, No 67

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The weekend for July 22-23. ‘Rocking the view: Uluru world’s best place to watch sunset’. We shall post the image after words here today. (When I can find how to work the machine.)

‘An Australian landmark perhaps best known for its incredible transformation in different light has rightly been rated the best place in the world to watch the sunset’.

Later, the comments on the major referral says ‘Backup power plan needed as costs continue to rise.’ Indeed this is a global issue and Australia must try hard to minimise inflation – still small falls – and a proposal. This is due to a solid proposal as the result of an interesting action from a project headed by a distinguished economist. Action needs to spread across the available the full materials. The final comment is: ‘We need a gold medal performance on energy and, given the challenges that now appear clearly on the horizon, we need a Plan B. Nuclear should be part of the mix.’

Another offering says ‘Chalmers must stick to knotting.’ An effort from the opposition says ‘the best way to improve wellbeing is to have a government that managing the economy and fighting the inflation priorities one, two and three.’

Gerard Henderson says: ‘Games get the chop but Dan probably won’t’. The big issue is cancellation of the Commonwealth Games without apology or evident empathy for those affected in Australia and other Commonwealth nations,’. So many good athletes will lose their abilities and some are likely to destroy performance of those men and women.

The previous Friday says on the front page of the Oz, ‘Utopia Jim turns back time.’ My worry is that the new boss of Monetary policy, Michele Bullock, will keep running extra interest rates while Mr Utopia Jim keeps spending money, big amounts. I know of no one who is willing to say this and I guess I will be criticised. So here goes.

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