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Inquirer: Time to Bust the Migrant Paradox

Inquirer: Time to Bust the Migrant Paradox

Today a series of small snippets.


Paul Kelly

High migration, low productivity and social social cohesion no longer fit together.

‘As Tehan says: ‘Our universities have a serious role to play in social cohesion yet we see no leadership from them. We need to see the chancellors and vice-chancellors step up. There’s just a deficit of leadership on this issue.’

Greg Sheridan

‘The most likely result of the next federal election is a Labor minority government, reliant on a mixture of teal independents and Greens to sustain it in office. This would be catastrophic for Australia, ushering  in chaotic, left-trending, identity politics-obsessed government devoid of national security seriousness . Though it could be much worse.’

‘A Trump presidency would be a challenge to an Albanese under any circumstances.’

Janet Albrechtsen.

‘I’m seriously worried about free speech on campus right now, and for the safety of for the safety of some individuals. Some of what we’re seeing … is really frightening. If I were Jewish on campus, I would genuinely be scared.’

‘This is about celebrating leadership. With equal doses, of wisdom courage and commitment. Hanes and the small team at the small team at Ramsay are challenging conformism, ignorance and mediocrity at Australian universities.’

Virginia Tapscott.

‘Rapists, murderers, religious extremists and even your garden variety nasty colleague have one thing in common:  in empathy deficit. The part of their brain that imagines a part how others think and feel is anywhere from stunted to easily ignored. …

‘Without a complete overhaul in our cultural and policy approach to the early years we cannot hope to address mental illness mental illness effectively. If more people understood the significance of support to insure the healthy of babies and children we could transform society as we know it. We underestimate the importance at our peril’.

Helen Trinca.

‘Constant reference to toxic masculinity and misogyny aren’t helping, it’s time we brought men into the tent.’

‘The pile-on over domestic volunteer this week results action by our state and federal governments that was nothing short of astonishing. The turnout at rallies across at rallies across Australia demonstrated just how this topic can be; protestors talked of an epidemic of Australian women being terrorised of the need to declare national emergency. 

Chris Kenny

‘It is two years this month since this Albanese Labor was elected and we can no longer avoid the conclusion that it has failed.’

‘There is no sign it can deliver on whatever promise it once held and the depressing reality is if it survives into a second term it is likely to be in minority, reliant on the Greens, so that a failed government can get only worse.’

‘Almost two years on, this is an appalling record.  The government is drifting and the nation is listless. What we are experiencing is a monumental lack of leadership.

‘Labor does not seem to know what it should be doing or who should lead the way. Albanese lacks – all in serious leadership rival - all in all,  is a desultory outlook.’

Gemma Tognini.

My story as an Australian, despite having born here, is one of immigration. Those of us who aren’t indigenous to this great Southland.’

‘These are serious times. These are times that call for strength and leadership, not bending to populism. There is still times.’

Michael Gawenda.

‘There as evenings of remembrance. Honouring the lives of the lives of the millions of victims. Honouring the cultures that were destroyed, the darkness that befall the Jews of Europe.’

‘Six candles will be lit, one for each million Jews murdered by Nazis. The theme of the Holocaust remembrances this year.

‘It has been sung with gusto.’

‘In a way, it is a version of lest we forget. What happened and what was done.’

Brendan O’Neil

‘Keffiyeh cosplay for Gaza all the rage for right-on elite’.

‘In bracing the keffiyeh around their shoulders, they get to be someone else for a while. Someone less for a while. Someone less bourgeois less white. Someone a little more exotic, a little more exotic, a little to be more interesting.’

‘Its not Gaza they want to save but their own souls. Palestine becomes a little more in the lives of bored youths on leafy campuses’.

‘It’s a toxic mix of narcissism and racism, with Arabs reduced to the lowly role of soothing the white guilt of privileged Westerners.’

‘Listen, that’s not solidarity, it’s the opposite selfishness’.

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