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Kourt Kases and Kabarett - a strange double act

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

First came testifying in a case to prove or disprove non-consensual sexual activity. I was there purely as a witness, to confirm a conversation had taken place, but by the time I left the courtroom all I could think was that I’d just been abused and humiliated for not remembering exact dates (Does anyone remember exact dates that go back years?)

Imagine how already traumatised young women or men must feel - complainant or defendant? Imagine how the barristers must feel in the aftermath of aggressively bashing away at the person on the stand?? I now understand why victims of abuse don’t come forward. There must be a better way.

So …

Next, I had been generously given tickets to an adult circus - 'Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett' at the famous Spiegeltent – this year located at Circular Quay. Possibly not the most appropriate outing for the week that was.

Naughty and kinky, quite obviously the overt sensuality of the night was completely consensual. I loved the way the boys were as provocative (and beautiful) as the girls and though the show was very sexy, Bernie Dieter carefully defined the difference between the consensual repartee of performance artist and audience, and anything outside this frame of reference.

At one point, Ms Bernie Dieter held up a photo of a penis she had received anonymously through social media quipping “What am I meant to do with this?’ (or some, such thing) and then a similarly sized image of what looked like a giant pink, squishy worm with little ears and a tail ... After a short ‘compare and contrast’ she returned to the theme of how someone could think it appropriate to send her this image. That moment strangely made me feel more at peace with my week.

Bernie Dieter's Club Kabarett is part of Sydney Fringe Festival

The darkest, funniest and most debauched kabarett show East of Berlin! Hosted by the deliciously salacious, utterly hilarious, uber-award winning queen of Weimar punk, Bernie Dieter.

Some images below of the dazzling star and cast.

The girl who wanted ‘more, more more’ …hula hoops. Ms Lisa Lottie.

image: Ms Lisa Lottie

The scintillating aerial work of the oh-so-feline Matthew Pope kept us all mesmerised.

image: Matthew Pope

The fire-eating Ms Jacqueline Furey had jaws dropping when she tried to remove her chastity belt with an angle grinder.

image: Ms Jacqueline Furey

And, of course, Ms Bernie Dieter had us all laughing and crying (mainly laughing) with her wicked wit, sultry songs, and warm and inclusive personality.

image: Ms Bernie Dieter

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