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Licence to Thrill

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

But first, the week that was ...

Our Prime Minister is a liar. ‘Non’? ‘Oui?” It is getting really personal and the input of an X-PM just makes it all the murkier. Unfortunately, Cop26 Glasgow didn’t garner anywhere near the same coverage nor headlines in Australia. Priorities? Quite obviously ‘non’ … or totally screwed.

A premier who lied and also bonked Darryl Maguire? Again, murky and embarrassing. As a friend noted, everyone knows politicians lie but the Darryl Maguire exposé must be completely humiliating.

A Prince having his way with a commoner? Whether Prince Andrew is innocent or guilty, it is good to know that in the 21st Century ravishing maidens without their consent, no matter what your status, is totally not on.

A horse won the Melbourne Cup? ‘Nuff said. Two have injuries.

Best news of the week? Little Cleo has been found, the four-year-old who went missing for 18 days is back in her family’s loving embrace!

Finding Cleo definitely puts the other headlines into perspective.

Riders of Justice

Director: Anders Thomas Jensen

It may have been because it is the first cinema film I have seen since lockdown … or maybe because it stars the chameleon Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen (who has convincingly played everything from James Bond baddies, to ‘Hannibal’, to a drunken PhD), for ‘Riders of Justice’ had me riveted.

It wasn’t just me. I checked it on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ and its rates 96 ‘fresh’ so it is definitely an exceptional film, in the eyes of the film-going universe.

Mikkelsen plays Markus, a military man called home because his wife has been killed in a terrible accident. His 16-year-old daughter is waiting for him, as overtly traumatised and reaching out for help as Marcus is covertly devastated and trying to avoid human contact.

Into this dysfunctional family dynamic comes a brilliant statistician and two IT hackers. They convince Marcus that the explosion was no accident but a revenge plot by underworld thugs and the strangest cohort forms. Markus seems to breath out in relief because he can again shoot and kick the bad guys, the statistician explores a long-held thesis about 'coincidence', while the IT boffins hack their way into the lives and lifestyles of a violent and dangerous underworld group to find its underbelly.

Revenge Riders is full of dark things and the darkest humour but it also has a blood splattered ending that is as heart-warming as any ‘happily ever after’ children’s’ Disney romp.

I think you will enjoy it :)

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