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Loss of life, Thanks to Dan Andrews

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

I am a man of 75 years. During my life I have suffered from two severe illnesses. Devicks disease aged 14, told by Melbourne’s leading medicos I would survive but would stay unable to see or to walk. Surprisingly recovering to play football in about a month. No remedial schooling, nearly failed year 12, went to lowgrade work for 3 years and eventually part time at Melbourne University, topped year 4 in Commerce Honours, went to the LSE and did well with a Phd in 12 months.


Age 59 almost carried off by a badly torn aorta halfway around the bend that usually means no fix. Great surgeon pulled off a recovery. Lost my voice due to a paralysed larynx. The surgeons waited for 18 months to push the misplaced and near dead voice due to the dead larnx. When this was done I have a soft but harsh voice, quite like that of a cheap criminal.

I feel very lucky, but both episodes robbed me of time. Devicks disease robbed me of a proper schooling. The Aorta meant I was no longer allowed to jog, something I always enjoyed. But my wife Libby does most of the main work at home as well as working at Monash University. Our three children are all loving and with good jobs.

This is just a quick summary. But Dan Andrews has beaten the illnesses and taken almost 2 years of my time. I am so pleased to read Cameron Stewart on P 17 of the weekend Australian. I shall in my view have at most another 10 years of useful life. Dan has taken nearly 20 % of my remaining useful life, perhaps less. An unnecessary number of people who had lost all of their useful lives thank to Dan, far worse an outcome of course, and I grieve for people who died for Dan’s mismanagement.

Cameron Sewart starts by saying: Melbourne, the world’s most locked-down city is free at last from Daniel Andrews’ shackles’. Not entirely free, of course, Mr Cameron describes the latest development as ‘more like a loosening of the shackles for the long term incarcerated’.

‘People emerged from their homes en masse, like zombies rising from their crypts, to eat drink, and play again.’

‘The Victorian Premier, zealously cautious to the end, refused to grant the same freedoms to the exhausted Melbourne as were given to the people of Sydney, …’ Melbourne still does not have indoor retailers open, cinemas are locked, indoor masks mandated for schoolchildren, most indoor pools remained closed, most workplaces remained off-limits and fewer people were allowed into restaurants and pubs.

‘Andrews still still refuses to set Melbourne free – he has merely transformed from a maximum security prison into a low security correctional centre’.

A link to the full article is below. Please read the article which is brilliant, and much needed. Have most of Melbourne’s journos pandered to Dan Andrews. Where is far more decent honesty?

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