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Nobody - so good!

Updated: May 4, 2021


Director: Ilya Naishuller

Way too much violence in this movie but as it is a (kind of) spoof on all those testosterone drenched ‘man on a mission to obtain justice against the really bad guys’ film franchises, it works a treat.

Bob Odenkirk (who played Saul in both ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Better call Saul’) is our hero. ‘Hutch’ has left behind a world of espionage and overt violence to live as a nine-to-five family man ... and he is beginning to chafe in the role.

Hutch was once an ‘auditor’. He was the guy who went in at the end of ‘a situation’ and got rid of all traces of the event – including people. When his bus trip home (after trying to find his daughter's kitty-cat bracelet) is invaded by a group of young thugs, all those years of trying to sublimate his past-life come to a head and Hutch sees red.

We soon discover why Hutch was called the auditor. He single-handedly takes out the five psychopaths who are carrying nasty looking weapons, saves a teenage girl from gang rape, and then inserts a straw in one delinquent's neck so that he can breathe. Undoubtedly, this man knows his way around crushed larynx(s?), broken bones, and weapon-wielding thugs.

We also meet a most fabulous member of the Russian mafia who owns a nightclub, wears shiny suits and does Frank Sinatra covers. Of course, the pen-in-throat thug is Yulian’s (Alexey Serebryakov) baby brother, and of course Yulian is also the custodian of the Russian mafias moveable budget of zillions in American dollars. (Just your normal kind of guy really:) But enough of what happens in the film. I don’t want to be too much of a spoiler.

I must mention Christopher Lloyd who plays Hutch’s x-FBI dad, presently in an old peoples’ home. 'Dad' has a veritable mother-load of shotguns, IDs, gold nuggets and machine guns hidden in his Home for the Aged room. There is also a brother, as black as Hutch is white, and as mysteriously cool as Hutch is now a take-the-garbage-out-once-a-week dad.

This film is bound to turn into a franchise as there are so many intriguing questions to be answered!

‘Nobody’ is hilarious.

On a violence scale from a James Bond movie to Tarantino's ‘Reservoir Dogs’, I’d give it an eight:)

And did I mention the soundtrack?!

Take a peak here:

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