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Pandemic progress

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Melbourne becomes a city depopulated. Pictures of empty roads normally buzzing with cars and trucks and dodging pedestrians increase the gloom. Locked in houses and flats from 8 PM to 5 AM is no fun. Inability to see ones offspring, or friends or workmates. Those of us who are not lawbreakers grind our teeth at the stupidity or downright evilness of fellow Victorians who refuse to wear masks when out and about or carry on clandestine meetings with friends or relatives (with the constant risks of infecting others) and politicians who refuse to answer questions.

It’s all pretty grim, dear readers. Do read the linked article below about the state of the pandemic in the USA. You may recognise implied similarities with the state of Victoria.

We thank to The Atlantic Daily for allowing people to pass on this excellent article, to the author Ed Yong and to Senior associate editor, Caroline Mimbs Nyce.

And here is a nice article by David Kemp, courtesy AFR.

And thanks to the Australian newspaper, and ifm investors, for some interesting data, which speaks for itself.

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