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Rapture: A Song Cycle of Desire and Ecstasy, Murder and Mayhem

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

A performance starring Paul Capsis and Iota, set outdoors on a balmy evening at the gorgeous headland of Barangaroo Reserve couldn’t really fail to delight.

We were advised that the songs were from a new musical that would be staged later in 2021.

In his director’s note, Michael Kantor emphasised that we should not try to join the dots of the night’s songs into a story, with the following words: ‘’(All) the songs (are) from a new musical RAPTURE, that we hope to bring to you very soon… (You may glean from them) the dangerous alchemy of desire and obsession, an offer of pure ecstasy that is laced with cyanide. Paul and iOTA are our shamans leading us into a grand act of communal mesmerism, their febrile voices enticing our souls to dance, with eyes shut.

And hell yes. RAPTURE did do all that. Fabulously intense and heady. And of course I did try to join the dots. My guess is that the musical will be biblical in nature, have a bit of a Cain and Abel storyline; a ‘good and evil’ theme that is shapeshifting with regards to which brother is ‘good’ and which is ‘evil’ and, as with the show at Barangaroo Reserve, the costuming and visual effects will be over-the-top and beautiful. I’ll have to wait to see if I am right.


I really can’t think of an appropriate segue into this week’s SCCI Cinéphile Hub selection this week.

Entitled ‘Faith and Fashion’ it is a conversation led by Dolla Merrillees with Emanuel Synagogue’s Rabbi Jeffrey B. Kamins OAM and Gandhi Creations Founder and Multicultural NSW Board Member, Sonia Sadiq Gandhi.

Covering everything from the patriarchy’s relationship with modest (and not so modest) fashion to how you can not only ascertain faith but also socio-political connotations from the way a Jewish man wears his Kippah In Israel (many choose to wear baseball caps because of this), I think you’ll not only enjoy but also be surprised by many of the insights ‘Faith and Fashion’ reveals.


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