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Updated: Aug 24, 2020


Director: Christopher Nolan

Be quiet, my over stimulated brain. Watching Nolan’s newest offering ‘Tenet’ is like putting your mind through a two-hour rollercoaster of plot twists and turns so clever and cleverly rendered you actually are mesmerised by what is going on without quite understanding the why … or the how for that matter?

I totally enjoyed the experience though I left the movie theatre with only one clear piece of knowledge. There will be a ‘Tenet 2.0’… (I think? Hmmmmm?)

This leads me to the perplexing story line of espionage and a world-ending threat that is coming from the future and that the past may just divert ... if only it can stop that future possibility from occurring although it already has. See what I mean? Clear as mud.

But the plot paradox seriously didn’t matter as the cinematography is mesmerising and the cast is sterling. John David Washington (Denzel Washington’s eldest) is 'the protagonist’, Michael Caine plays some sort of spy-master bureaucrat, Dimple Kapadia is an arms-dealing matriarch, Kenneth Branagh plays a seriously bad-arse Russian squillionaire, and Australia’s Elizabeth Debicki is convincing as the ice-maiden wife of the bad guy and love interest of the good guy.

The head-scratching mystery of ‘Tenet’ contains absolute poetry within the extraordinarily electrifying scenes and perplexing narrative … one particular swan dive from a super yacht into the big blue ocean conjures the most magical symbol of freedom.

I truly believe this is but the first in a series of 'Tenet' sequels but as the story-line of ‘Tenet’ has just saved the world from a future devastation are there still movies now to make?

I draw your attention to the 'grandfather paradox' of time travel. The name comes from the common example used to explain a temporal inconsistency that could occur if a person travels into the past and kills his or her own grandfather before the conception of his or her father or mother. An impossibility as our logic would have us believe, for this would prevent the time traveller's existence in the first place?

Nolan’s ‘Tenet' in its entirety is a little like the above conundrum but do go see, our movie theatres need your bums on their seats and your imaginations over stimulated by Nolan’s extraordinary feat of cinema.

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