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No 96

Troy Bramston;, ‘Biden-Trump, on debate echoes significance of Nixon v Kennedy.’ Key strain on major issues.

‘The televised debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, on Friday morning Australian time election debate the most consequential presidential since John F. Kennedy first off against Richard M. Nixon in Chicago in September 1960.

That debate transformed the election, and the Biden-Trump rematch would be 86 at the conclusion of another four-year term. He is a man of integrity, deeply committed to public service, with significant achievements, but or physically he is not as mentally as he once was.

Now we introduce final two paragraphs.

Trump’s behaviour must not be normalised and his statements dismissed as mere rhetoric. Dislike of Biden and the Democratic Party is not a legitimate reason to barrack for Trump. Much more is at stake than just one candidate or party over another.

Many of the presidents I most admire are Republicans (Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Bush). They two could never support a Trump presidency.



















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