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Trump's proposals

Today I felt uninspired about matters I am normally interested in. Fortunately a good friend from New York sent me a previously secret list of President Trump's list of policies. Enjoy!

1. Term Limits for ALL politicians.

2. NO PAY for Congress. Only authorized reimbursements for expenses, WITH receipts.

3. DEPORT ALL illegal aliens no matter their Nationality and ban them from re-entering the USA for Life.

4. NO MORE imports from China.

5. ALL Chinese “students” are deported back to China and banned from ANY U.S. University/College.

6. Equal Justice under the Law. No more two systems, one for the rich and the other for us common folk.

7. DUMP the UN and turn the UN building into free housing for Veterans. DUMP NATO and remove ALL troops from Europe. Close bases overseas to the maximum extent possible.

8. Name BLM a domestic terrorist group and along with Antifa’s leaders, arrest them and intern them at Gitmo. Any funders of such terrorist groups should have their assets seized for the US Treasury and exile them from any U.S. soil.

9. ARREST and deport George Soros to Russia to face charges there. Exile his evil spawn to Antarctica.

10. BAN lobbyists and pass a law that NO politician can work the system after they are out of office.

11. Continue to encourage factories to come back to the USA.

12. Make farming and ranching in the USA a priority!

13. Upgrade our infrastructure, especially in areas where Americans DO NOT riot and destroy things, i.e., Ferguson, Shiteattle, LA, etc. (Never throw good money after bad.)

14. Finish the wall.

15. JAIL all corrupt politicians, including Obama and his seditionists/traitors in his Shadow Party, along with scumbags like Nutsy Pelosi and Hanoi John Fonda Kerry, who violate the Logan Act, for example, at will and who make deals with America’s enemies.

16. REFORM the FBI and the (17) Intel Agencies under ONE ROOF, with Domestic on one side and Int’l on the other, with STRICT oversight as to their following the Constitution, Federal Law, etc.

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