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Why Hamas Must Go, 90

Josh Frydenberg

The terror groups survival will encourage only further extremism.

‘Kibbutz Be’eri in Israel’s south is one big crime scene, a paradise turned into hell. As drones buzzed overhead and artillery shells thundered in the distance we walked past one burnt home after another.’

‘Signs of Hamas’s barbarism were everywhere. In that community alone more than 100 civilians were slaughtered in October 7 last year, including Australian citizen and Grandmother Galit Carbone. Several other kibbutz members are still being held hostage in what we know are the most inhumane conditions imageable.’

‘It is a visit I would encourage our Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, also to make.’

‘Just think what would happen if it was us in Australia who were subject to a terrorist attack on the scale of that on October 7.’

‘As former Labor Prime minister Bob Hawke once said: “If the bell tolls for Israel, it won’t just toll for Israel, it will toll for all mankind.” Should Hamas remain in control of even a part of Gaza, the possibility of achieving a two-state solution in the near term will all but disappear, Hamas’s intention are clear. Its stated objective is to achieve objective is to achieve the destruction of Israel.'

‘Israel’s war is with Hamas, not the Palestinian people who are now suffering greatly as a result of Hamas’s terrorist attack.’

‘At a global level, anything less than a crushing defeat for Hamas will strengthen the hand of those including Vladimir Putin’s Russia, that are aggressively seeking to undermine the US-led global order – an international order stability and prosperity for close to 80 years benefiting for many nations, including Australia.’

‘We need the US to remain strong so it can provide the leadership and resources we need in our part of the world.’

‘Israel’s ability to respond to the atrocities committed there on October 7 very much matters to us here at home.’


Josh Frydenberg is a former treasurer of Australia and as part of an Australia/Israel @ Jewish Affairs Council delegation recently visits Israel, where he met Israeli and Palestinian representatives.


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