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Sunday Sanity Break, 14 May 2017 - Economic reform abandoned, AFL goes to Shanghai

Paul Kelly tells us how it is. 'Australia is undergoing a decisive change in its political values — Malcolm Turnbull has reinvented his government as a pragmatic, populist, public investment vehicle and Bill Shorten in reply has taken Labor even further to the populist, ideological left.

'The edifices of Australia’s aspir­ational politics and market-based reforms are being torched in an end-of-generation bonfire. Occasionally in a nation’s history you can identify a point of transformation and it is likely that this week is such a marker'.

And an end to the prosperity created by Hawke and Keating, Howard and Costello and, of course, the mining boom. Meanwhile our kids cannot buy houses unless helped by parents and grandparents, wages are in the doldrums and household and government debt keeps on rising. 'Better times ahead?' Gimme a break, Mr Morrison.

Last week Henry's editor attended his third seminar on the superannuation alleged 'reform'. He was moved to write to Treasurer Morrison and the text of his letter is available here. A question about equivalent treatment of senior pollies and public officials to impose fairness on these pension plans and those with SMSF plans. A comment on all the things to be settled by late June, even though is some cases necessary ATO design material is not yet available. A suggestion that there be a 'Plan B' for people who cannot comply or do not wish to do so. Such people should be allowed to continue with the current SMSF with the key difference that ALL their SMSF pensions be taxed at 15 %, not just the part on income above $1.6 M.

Meanwhile, Mrs T has another suggestion for a solution to the debt and deficit stand-off. Plan C?

'Australians love gambling. What about a debt and deficit lottery?'


“For clarity sake, ‘Ghost’ is the term used for the stored memories, real and manufactured, that are placed in cyborg machinery to make them more human. ‘Shell’ is the body (in which) the machinery is housed. (John R. Dilworth.) Fiona Prior enjoys the latest version Ghost in a Shell. More here

The Sporting life.

Upsets continue in the newly competitive AFL. Adelaide flogged again, this time by Melbourne. Footscray narrowly beaten by West Coast. Essendon beats Geelong. Hawthorn flogs Brisbane. Collingwood nearly beats the Giants. Caaaarlton! narrowly beaten by previously rampaging St Kilda. Finally, 'they know we're coming'.

What a coup for the AFL - first game for points in Shanghai. Can we see it?

Stunning games of Rugby League. Especially the try following a tap back near the line.

Cricket faces a standoff on dishing up the proceeds that may end in industrial action.

John Coates re-elected. Sporting admin is pretty conservative it seems, but change will come.

Image of the week. 'Animal Spirits' - shortly to be on lower level.

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