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Sunday Sanity break, 20 August 2017 - Who are loyal Aussies?

The self-inflicted destruction of the Turnbull government continues. One by one, cabinet ministers reveal they are dual citizenship holders. First of these stood down from the ministry, but recent two have been allowed to carry on because the PM is certain the High Court will clear them. Time will tell but was it wise, gentle readers, for Malcolm to be so categorical? Or for the foreign minister to claim that the New Zealand government was part of a conspiracy to destroy the Turnbull government?

Methinks they are very rattled, and it is very hard to tell whether or not the Turnbull government is over. And for us voters ('the punters' in pollyspeak) it is very hard to know who is a true-blue, dinkum Aussie, and why they were not properly vetted before they were allowed to stand for seats.

Also we punters are being asked to cop $120 million of our taxes on a flawed attempt to allow us a say in whether Aussies can be gay and married. How ironical, this happening when normal marriage is losing favour. Let them get on with it says the team at .

The biggest problem for this government has been lack of a clear idea about the state of the economy and subsequent failure to develop a compelling economic policy narrative. And one has a certain sympathy for them. For one thing they have no-one in the leadership group who has any knowledge of or interest in economics. Even worse, there are conflicting signs from the data. Very low goods and services inflation, very low interest rates, roaring house price inflation on the east coast, strong (part time) jobs growth, low wages growth, modest consumption and business investment, stubborn budget deficits, some recovery of commodity prices and a high exchange rate.

Global share prices have also been rising to a point where a major collapse would come as no surprise. President Trump is flailing about and has now lost four of the advisors that were part of his new administration. Prime minister May is grappling with Brexit and democracies are all trying to cope with terror attacks. Who'd be a politician in such a tough time for governing? Presidents Xi and Putin must be quietly pleased that they have no need to get elected.


Fiona Prior has topped her visit to Spain by reporting on Andulusia and related matters.

The sporting life.

At last!. After a number of brave losing efforts, Caaaarlton! finally won one, against Hawthorn, snuffing the Hawks chance of playing finals. Wins this year have included Essendon and Collingwood, plus GWS, the Swans and now Hawthorn, 5 wonderful scalps. We can settle in for the finals in three weeks time, confident that 2018 will be a better year.

The Wallabies can have no such confidence. We were told this was the team to take on the All Blacks but the NZers recorded a record score in disposing of the Aussie battlers. For the rest of the Bledisloe series, let's borrow the Aussie Rugby League team, who despite the slight difference in the rules would very likely have a chance of bringing home the ould mug.

The cricket team are off to Bangladesh, where one hopes they get some good play in before returning to face the might of the pommie bastards in an Ashes series.

The wimmin in all codes, except netball it seems, are having a rest. This is too bad, as on the national field, the wimmin do better than the blokes.

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