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Saturday Sanity Break, 11/11/17 - political hijinks

Finally some interesting articles on Australia's current political mess. Chris Kenny reports it is possible that Malcolm Turnbull's decline may result Tony Abbott's return. Kenny spells out our worries better than we could.

' We approach the end of 2017 seemingly ungoverned and ­al­most ungovernable. The Prime Minister is paralysed by indecision and surrounded by obstacles. The parliament is frag­mented and intransigent. Labor is obstructive and ascendant. The media is Balkanised and superficial. Universities, bureaucracies and public broad­casters are activist and misleading.' ...

' A reckoning has long been inevitable. We expected a fiscal recalibration managed sensibly by government or something more dramatic imposed by economic calamity. Perhaps we hadn’t considered another option: political dysfunction conspiring to take us deeper into the self-harm of denial, more spending, deeper debt, increased taxes, higher energy ­prices and less reform. Strap yourselves in because that is what Bill Shorten is promising.'

Peter Van Onselen wants to bring back John Howard, aged 78. When our editor was 64 John Howard told him he was too old for politics. But Peter V O says that rule does not apply to leaders, quoting Messrs Churchill and Reagan. Besides, Mr Howard is a spry 78, and would pretty certainly see off the massive economic risk that is Bill Shorten.

What fun it all is, but there is bigger news in the universe.

Not sure if this is geopolitics or cosmicpolitics, but you may enjoy it.

China is building a vast radio telescope designed to find signs of alien life elsewhere in the universe.

China's leading Sci Fi author, Liu Cixin, says this is a mistake. Far better to lie low as any aliens we find will find us, and we will probably be technically backward by comparison. Given how we treated out 'primitive' brothers and sisters, could we expect a friendly, helpful alien invasion?

Fiona Prior sips at the ocean of internationally renowned multi-media artist PIPILOTTI RIST. More here.

The Sporting World

The Socceroos held Honduras to a scoreless draw on a sodden and lumpy pitch and now just has to beat them in Australia to progress to the World Cop. I hope with the current coach at the helm.


The Poms are here and our star fast bowler, Mitchell Starc has two hat tricks in a single Sheffield Shield game and has made his captain to sit down to avoid his bumper in the nets. Bring on the first test.

Australia's wimmin cricketers are struggling to beat the pommy shielas in their 'first day-night test'.

Henry will be up to watch the Wallabies play Wales at 4 am Sunday morning. Our Wallies have played eight tests in a row, most recently beating (gasp!) the All Blacks. In stark contrast, the boys from the Welsh valleys have just broken their jobs in the coal mines to train for the game, so we have a reasonable chance of winning by a single try or several penalty kicks.

Image of the week - hunting aliens

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