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Coronavirus - some helpful information

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Infection, recession, remission

It has already been a bugger of a year, and we are still in the early autumn season. The VIRUS is decimating Italy and spreading quickly. President Trump looked rattled on TV this morning, while his Veep, Mr Pence, stood behind him and tried to scare him with very angry eyes. The Veep was put in charge by the Pres, who now he knows it is serious has apparently put himself in charge again.

But who knows just how bad the winter of 2020 is going to be. Today's press tells us the three medical experts from Brisbane say that have a new anti-virus thing that is about to be tested on mice, and then presumably humans. No doubt the US mob who check and have to approve these things will hold it up until an American solution is found. If Mr Trump's latest performance is any guide he seems out of his depth.

Lots of water to go under the bridge, but let's hope the 'spreading effect' of proper patient management minimises and that our medical researchers win a Nobel prize by saving who knows how many people. The graph is meant to show how early suppression effects will spread the load and make the smaller peak manageable. See the graphs below.


The markets have crunched down well into the scary zone. While US and Australian equities boomed on Friday - with a 12 % turnround here, no one should panic or decide the down moves are over. Henry has been conservatively positioned for some time and in due course hopes to pick up some bargains. But take care, gentle readers, and find an advisor who you will trust to help.

PM speaks out

Scomo has had a substantial improvement in his handling in the VIRUS matter than in the Bushfire fiasco. A generous first round of help to pensioners, other welfare recipients and help for small business (with cash to keep apprentices employed) should all help. The surplus is temporarily on the shelf and the budget is likely to make it worse. Recession seems all but certain to Henry but some time with 'Limited rations' (Governor Phillip's answer when ships from the Second Fleet failed to show up on time) and limited time at big sporting events may have some benefits.

But do not feel too happy, gentle readers. Global recession is the likely outcome, and if Australia misses it will be by a whisker.


STANFORD HOSPITAL BOARD INTERNAL MESSAGE: Read and understand The new Coronavirus may not show sign of infection for many days. How can one know if he/she is infected? By the time they have fever and/or cough and go to the hospital, the lung is usually 50% Fibrosis and it's too late. Taiwan experts provide a simple self-check that we can do every morning. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for more than 10 seconds. If you complete it successfully without coughing, without discomfort, stiffness or tightness, etc., it proves there is no Fibrosis in the lungs, basically indicates no infection. In critical time, please self-check every morning in an environment with clean air. Serious excellent advice by Japanese doctors treating COVID-19 cases: Everyone should ensure your mouth & throat are moist, never dry. Take a few sips of water every 15 minutes at least. Why? Even if the virus gets into your mouth, drinking water or other liquids will wash them down through your throat and into the stomach. Once there, your stomach acid will kill all the virus. If you don't drink enough water more regularly, the virus can enter your windpipe and into the lungs. That's very dangerous. Please send and share this with family and friends. Take care everyone and may the world recover from this Coronavirus soon. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - CORONAVIRUS 1. If you have a runny nose and sputum, you have a common cold 2. Coronavirus pneumonia is a dry cough with no runny nose. 3. This new virus is not heat-resistant and will be killed by a temperature of just 26/27 degrees. It hates the Sun. 4. If someone sneezes with it, it takes about 10 feet before it drops to the ground and is no longer airborne. 5. If it drops on a metal surface it will live for at least 12 hours - so if you come into contact with any metal surface - wash your hands as soon as you can with a bacterial soap. 6. On fabric it can survive for 6-12 hours. normal laundry detergent will kill it. 7. Drinking warm water is effective for all viruses. Try not to drink liquids with ice. 8. Wash your hands frequently as the virus can only live on your hands for 5-10 minutes, but - a lot can happen during that time - you can rub your eyes, pick your nose unwittingly and so on. 9. You should also gargle as a prevention. A simple solution of salt in warm water will suffice. 10. Can't emphasis enough - drink plenty of water! THE SYMPTOMS 1. It will first infect the throat, so you'll have a sore throat lasting 3/4 days 2. The virus then blends into a nasal fluid that enters the trachea and then the lungs, causing pneumonia. This takes about 5/6 days further. 3. With the pneumonia comes high fever and difficulty in breathing. 4. The nasal congestion is not like the normal kind. You feel like you're drowning. It's imperative you then seek immediate attention. SHARE WITH FAMILY and FRIENDS

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